The Secret of the Lake Game

The Secret of the LakeThe Secret of the Lake. Mrs. Klarice went to spend the weekend in one small quiet village near the lake. This is a very nice place, surrounded by incredible nature that takes the breath away. She and her husband have been planning this trip for some time and they were very happy that will spend wonderful time with each other but unexpectedly Klarice’s husband is prevented to take the trip so he doesn’t leave with her. Mrs. Klarice is little bit disappointed about that because this trip won’t be nothing without her husband.

Especially because of the fact that today is her birthday and she is alone. Her disappointment turns into sorrow because from time to time she things that after so many years together, her husband has forgotten her birthday, perhaps he could do something if he knew that… But on the other hand, there is no place for worries at all. Actually Klarice’s husband is preparing a small interesting surprise for her birthday.

She doesn’t know that this whole adventure is actually planed and directed by the husband so she can’t even imagine what will happen next. Let’s take part in this interesting romantic story and see how this surprise will end. Perhaps this weekend will be turned into the most exciting weekend ever instead of Klarice’s disappointment…

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