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The Secret LibraryThe Secret Library. Of, yeah, even if we think that we know everything and we are able to reach everything and discover everything, the truth is that there are numerous things in this world waiting to be found. We are aware about our civilization or perhaps few civilizations before but assuming that the world existed even many years before, about 3100 BC, we are not that powerful to explore everything that is so well hidden by the layers of the time.

Different civilizations existed, many of them disappeared completely, so now, from this perspective, we don’t know anything about it. It is quite big challenge to deal with the issues of today’s civilization, at the same time exploring the past but again, there are great expeditions that take that challenge, hoping that this way they will help us understand better our everyday life.

A group of scientists is working on the island Karamaresh. They are on this island for some period of time and they have discovered buildings that witness about a developed civilization that existed there in the past but the disappearance of that civilization is a complete mystery. There are certain evidences that in this location there is a secret library that includes the books from the time when this civilization existed so those writings will definitely tell something about it. The group of scientists – archaeologists is at the place, willing to discover one of the greatest mysteries in the world and the books that will help them understand that ancient world.