The Secret Ingredient Game

The Secret Ingredient The Secret Ingredient. It is for sure that most of the restaurants owners, or at least the ones that own a successful gastronomical business, have started as cookers. The reason for that is simple. Good cookers know what we need for making a good recipe and cook a great meal. They know much about the ingredients, about people’s taste and with time they also learn many things about the principles of running a good business which means that they have the perfect formula for successes.

Marc is also a former cooker, current owner of a restaurant. He has started his business few years ago and thanks to his knowledge in cooking and the work in a restaurant in general, he has managed to launch a good business. After few years in the business, Marc will open a new restaurant and that’s why today he is having an important dinner with business partners. He will have to talk with them about the opening of the restaurant and he likes to give a good impression to them. Marc’s idea is preparing a perfect meal which means finding all the necessary ingredients, everything with greatest quality and taste so he could combine them and impress the partner. Because the pressure is quite big, Marc likes to make everything perfect so you will have to help him find the perfect ingredients.

This is also a nice chance for you to learn something more about cooking and perhaps to find out Marc’s great secret, what are his secret ingredients?

The Secret Ingredient is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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