The Secret Countess Game

The Secret Countess The Secret Countess. The heroine of our game is Olivia, a young woman who has a clear soul, but the unpleasant destiny to be left without her loved one due to an accident on the familial hunting yard. This young lady who is noble by spirit and attitude, and of noble descent, too has been living alone on the family property for almost two years since the ugly accident.

The event that has drastically changed her life has had great impact on her emotional life. And that is why one day she decides to move to Venzor, a small town settled along the southern coast of the country. She expects that her short stay in this new place will bring at least some joy to her life. And that she will be able to feel a little more cheerful and alive again. On her pleasant surprise, her expectations turn up to be realistic when one day she meets John, a local painter, whom she recognizes as her soul mate. For him, Olivia is the other half of his platonic self and they start a relationship full of love and harmony.

But, Olivia’s noble descent becomes an obstacle for their love as the laws of Olivia’s home country forbid her, as a noblewoman, of remarrying.That is why Olivia chooses to live a life of a commoner and hide her nobility in order to provide herself and John with the joys and wonders a real love brings.

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