The Sands of Angoma Game

The Sands of Angoma The Sands of Angoma. Edward, together with his wife, has arrived in Africa. Both of them are really excited about their trip there and they are willing to see everything that this amazing place offers. However, since Edward’s wife has decided to take a rest first and accommodate in their apartment, Edward has decided to look around alone with idea to spend usefully every minute there. He is a real adventurist so he doesn’t like to spend his time on nothing else but exploring.

However, Edward left the hotel where he was accommodated and he never came back! His wife is obviously upset and she asked for a help from the surrounding village. In the village she was met by two local girls, Imani and Zoya. Those girls were very nice and in a friendly mood so they offered themselves to help the desperate woman look for her husband.

The three of them will explore the nature in Africa, looking for a place where Edward could possibly be, so it would be nice if we could take part in this search too. We will enjoy the beauties of this wonderful continent but at the same time we have to be very cautious and do our best to find Edward and help those women find him.

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