The Samurai’s Bride Game

The Samurai's BrideThe Samurai’s Bride. Unfortunately, there are many sad loves all around the world… Now we are not talking about love that hasn’t been returned but we are talking about love with unhappy end. There are many stories about people who have lost their way, lost their life path after the death of their love one. After losing someone that close and special people are usually rather confused and they don’t know what they should do next, because for them it is rather hard to imagine their life without that special person…

On the other hand, there are so many paranormal stories about the ghosts of the late loves who walk around the people, looking for their love. According to those stories, the ghosts like to take with them their love, even though that could mean death for their love ones. Those stories are rather spooky but we all remember the story about the corpse’s wife which is one of the most beautiful love stories ever!

Mika and Aiko are a married couple whose passion are exactly those paranormal stories, or more concretely, the Japanese paranormal stories. In this moment they are at the samurai’s temple, exploring one unusual story. There, almost every night, appears the spirit a woman whose husband – the samurai, has died in the battle field. Mika and Akio like to help the wife’s spirit find the grave that belongs to her greatest love, her late husband, so they could be together once and for all. This woman’s ghosts needs to settle down so let’s help her fulfill her romantic mission.

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