The Sacred Prophecy Game

The Sacred Prophecy The Sacred Prophecy. Peace and harmony is an essential benefit. Peace and harmony are enjoyed and possessed jointly by mankind. Which is a base for the full realization of the creativity potential of individuals. The sustainable development of the economy and culture of nations. And a true security for the long lasting prosperity of mankind society. Alwan the Wise, Malak the Brave and Talisa the Master of time, are set on a mission to preserve peace and harmony of mankind society. They have to fulfill a sacred prophecy that promises harmony for all mankind. But the way to do it is bumpy and fraught with obstacles.

Their journey leads them to the magical village of Zelea. Where they have to confront the bad troll Juma who will do anything in his power to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy. In order to stop Juma from changing the sacred prophecy. Alwan and Malak must find the objects used by Juma to change the prophecy and destroy them so that his magic cannot be accomplished. Since fighting the enemy is rather serious job and it asks for a lot of dedication and attention while doing it. Alwan and Malak would need some help to fulfill the sacred prophecy.

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