The Ruthless Mine Game

The Ruthless Mine The Ruthless Mine. Marie is in her thirties. This young woman has been living her whole life in a big sorrow. Namely, when she was very young, she lost her father who was a mine digger in the mine called Davidson. Her sorrow to be even bigger, the body of her father never was found. He, together with a group of mine diggers, disappeared in the last part of the mine. No one from them was ever found.

When Marie was younger, her mother was telling her stories about that terrible day. As she was saying, her father was looking for the biggest and the most expensive diamond that was hidden in the depth of the mine but he never come back home again. Maybe it is an intuition or just a hope, but Marie believes that her father is still alive. She feels that in every moment of her life and she believes that there will be a day when she will reveal the greatest mystery in her life.

This girl is very brave but also she is very motivated, and proof of that is the fact that decides to go to the Davidson mine. She will take this journey, hoping that she will discover something that was buried so many years and learn the final truth about her father. This is something Marie was dreaming about since the first day when she found out that her father disappeared so let’s help her, no matter what will happen next…

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