The Royal Apartment Game

The Royal Apartment When we say royal apartment, that doesn’t have to mean a place where the royal family lives. But it is usually about the apartment from some hotel where the members of the royal family go. Or some other very eminent people like state officials or some famous musicians. And since it is a place for very important persons, everything there has to be in great order. In the royal apartment you could find the best furniture and the best beds, but also those apartments are usually full equipped with all kinds of drinks and full fridge.

There is everything that could imagine for so you are actually getting a real royal treatment in those apartments. And since everything has to be so perfect in those apartments, that means that everything has to be extremely clean as well but the previous royals, that have visited our royal apartment, did such a mess that the cleaning ladies from the hotel could not clean it up alone. That’s why we are asking for your help, to take part in this great cleaning.

Play The Royal Apartment Game

Royal or not, the instructions are similar like most of the hidden object games. You observe the scene looking for those items, and once you spot some, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it to select it. that is the whole procedure for playing and also know that you could play the game on the touchpad, in case that you are playing on a laptop. Good luck!