The River Cabin Game

The River Cabin The River Cabin. Mr. Collins is completely addicted to fishing! For years he spends every spare time somewhere near water, finding ways to catch as much fish as possible. He has been trying to catch fish in seas and lakes but he definitely likes rivers the most since the moving water is definitely a bigger challenge for him. It is also nice that Mrs. Collins understands his passion so she supports him all the time. That’s why she agreed to built that small cabin near the river.

They are middle-aged couple now, so they have plenty of time to spend in that cabin. Mr. Collins usually goes fishing while Mrs. Collins prepared something nice for eating or she takes care of the small garden in front of the house. They also go walking very often so that place is their small paradise.

The couple came to their river cabin later that night. Mr. Collins told Mrs. Collins that he will go fishing the next morning, just like always, but when dinner time came, he wasn’t at the house. Mrs. Collins knows that her husband is never late and his word could be appreciated, so what could happen that could make him break his word?! She doesn’t like to think negative, but what if something bad has happened?! Mrs. Collins all worried, decides to go and look for her husband but she looks like she would need some help, so let’s help her find out what has happened to her husband.

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