The Ring of Lost Souls Game

The Ring of Lost Souls The Ring of Lost Souls. Some people believe ghosts exist, some want to watch such scary stories in the movies. If you are a horror movies fan and maybe Hitchcock admirer, than you will find attractive this type of game, because it will lead you into deep mysteries, this time of family treasure hunt. Do you remember all those stories a family wants to start a new life and decides to change the place of living? So the father is the first to go for a research of a new home and that surprises his wife.

The same happened to the Johnson family who lived in Brighton and wanted to start a new life and take a brand new chance in the heart of London, in 1876. Mr. Johnson couldn’t even guess why the prize he got was not only very good, but almost ridiculous for such big house in the central part of the city. He will find the reason for the good prize during the game, but unfortunately it is already going to be late. That house was unwanted with a good purpose. Neighbors of that street often are witnesses of shadows on the windows and of strange horrendous sounds that could be heard in the house. The family calls for people that are occupied with super normal things wanting to clean up the house from these ghosts.

The Ring of Lost Souls. A team of mediums finds out that in the house there still is the spirit of the old house owner and it won’t go away until the old family ring is found. The mediums start the pursuit and first look all over the house, but it was unfortunately not enough. Then, they decided to look for the yard and the close environment. The treasure hunt began. So, good luck with the family ring pursuit!

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