The Real Bigfoot

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The Real BigfootThe Real Bigfoot. Bigfoot, one of the greatest mysteries ever, that hasn’t been solved yet. Numerous blurry pictures, numerous testimonials, but nothing that could prove the existence of the famous large and hairy, bipedal humanoid that is believed to inhabit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Scientists lie on the lack of physical evidence and they consider it as a part of the folklore, just a myth that goes from one generation to other. They explain that there should be many of them, to continue their own breed, not just few that appear from time to time, with a distance of many years…

The famous archaeologist David is a scientist too, but he has his own explanation of those events. He has been exploring the Amazonian rain forests for a certain period of time and he is quite sure that Bigfoot lives there, not in North America. You know this archaeologist from the games David’s Redemption and Haligans secret cave so you know how persistent he is in his attentions, so he is starting a new adventure with a mission to show the world the existence of Bigfoot. This is a real challenge and something that shouldn’t be missed, so are you ready to take part in this incredible quest? Follow David visiting different places of the Amazonian rain forests and explore every inch of it, who knows what is hiding in those trees?

The Real Bigfoot is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.