The Puppet Island Game

The Puppet Island The Puppet Island. We believe that the most of us haven’t been witnesses of situations that include ghosts. On the other hand, we are almost sure that none of you had seen a doll that becomes live and disturbs the people around but that is something that actually happens on Vivian’s island.

Vivian has determinate that she likes to put an end to the scary atmosphere that rules this particular part of the island where she lives once for all. Namely, the people who live there leave dolls everywhere. They do this specific gesture with an intention to settle down the ghosts of the late citizens who once lived on that island. There are some scary voices that can be heard on the island while the dolls become alive! Well that is something really unusual and we can’t guess how hard it is for the people that live there.

Between those live dolls there are two that are good and they like to help Vivian. They have offered themselves to her, willing to save the island together. This would probably be one of your strangest adventures but it is always nice and motivating to see and experience something new, especially something that unique as this situation. Just be calm and follow the circumstances and we are sure there is nothing to worry about. Let’s help Vivian save the island from the scary ghosts and keep the living citizens where they belong – in their homes.

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