The Princess Wish Game

The Princess Wish The Princess Wish. Princess Elizabeth has a wish and those wishes can’t be denied, we are all aware of that. But OK, this wish is not something big or something hard to reach, so we are lucky actually. When Princess Elizabeth was very young, she was spending her time in the village house of her grandfather, running around the fields.

That was the happiest period of her life since everything was so easy and there were no worries at all, but with time thing has changed… Now she lives in the palace but she really misses the nature and that old village house so her biggest wish at this moment is to go back into that house and spend some time in the village. Since princesses are always related to great luxury and pomp, this idea sounded little bit strange at first but since it is princess’s wish, it has to be fulfilled.

However, the village house is quite old and before going there, it has to be cleaned up and brought into normal order, even something should be fixed… We are asking you for some help, if you could help us find the unnecessary things and throw them out of the house. This job is not hard but it takes some time to bring it all into the right order. Let’s deal with it together so the princess could arrive into a clean house.

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