The Power of Illusion Game

The Power of Illusion The Power of Illusion. Gabriel is a magician. He is an entertainer who performs magic by creating the illusion of impossible or supernatural feats in a local circus. He is in that circus since he was very small so actually he has grew up there so he feels like he is a part of it. Gabriel is always concerned about the play and he likes everything to pass in perfect order. So he is taking care of everything staring from organization to behavior of employees in the circus. Just like it is his own property, like it is his family.

That’s why he took it so hard few days ago when the police have closed the circus. Because of the numerous complaints of guests that after each performance, after each departure of the circus, they lacked their valuable objects. Some of them had a lack of money, some jewelries so now the circus is closed.

Gabriel is not satisfied by what has happened. Actually he is terrified how someone could be that cruel. The thing is that he knows that his colleague, the magician Arton, uses the power of illusion to rob the guests so he is really mad at him.

Gabriel has decided to do something on his own, to start an investigation in order to prove that Arton is guilty for the numerous robberies. Just if he manages to prove that Arton is guilty and put him into jail. People will have trust in the circus again and it will start to work again. This mission could be little bit hard so let’s help Gabriel deal with this awkward and unpleasant situation.

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