The Phone Call Game

The Phone Call The Phone Call. Mhm, those calls late in the night are always strange and we always receive them with certain trill in our hearts. The best case is that it could be something romantic, a call of our beloved that is not near us at the moment but many times those calls are related to trouble or even something worse that has happen to someone close… or someone that we don’t even know, like in the following case…

This man was taking some rest in his home, just like every other day when he comes back from work. The situation was completely normal and nothing suggested that a phone call could completely change the course of the night. This man receives unexpected call from unknown person. The phone rang, he simply picked up the phone and there was a female voice begging for help. Those sounds were terrifying but he managed to stay calm. He also managed to locate the location where this call was coming and he went on the location to see is anyone really needs help.

This was a brave and conscientious move because most people will feel too much scared to make a step like this or they won’t take it seriously and leave it just like that. However, our friend here was worried enough to take the responsibility about that woman that was asking for help so lets go there are see what has actually happen. Maybe this guy would need some help.

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