The Pearl of China Game

The Pearl of China The Pearl of China. Huan has a huge mission in front of her – to find the biggest pearl in the world, the great ‘Pearl of China’. It’s is about the biggest but also the most beautiful pearl known between the people interested in those kind of things and believe it or not, it is believed that it is hidden in somewhere in Huan’s birthplace in China. This information motivated Huan to go back to her birthplace and look for the pearl in order to find it. The legend also says that the pearl was kept by the old shaolin monks, on a very safe place but the thing is that the monks don’t live on that place anymore.

After getting those information Huan continues her journey, looking for the pearl, hoping that she will find certain evidence that will help her decide for the future of the Pearl of China. This is very important task because much of the China’s history and tradition is related exactly to that pearl and the fact that it is a very old pearl and also the biggest, makes it very important.

Let’s see how will this journey continue, and let’s hope that Huan won’t get into trouble looking for this precious item.

The Pearl of China is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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