The Palace of Flowers Game

The Palace of Flowers The Palace of Flowers. You may just imagine seeing all flowers in the world. We could use this phrase as a metaphor but can you believe that there is actually a place that gathers all of them? Well that is the palace of flowers, a place where all flowers can be seen, for real, and you could enjoy their wonderful scent, or let’s say more precisely, numerous different scents! Diane is one of those that visit the Palace of flowers almost everyday. She adores flowers and she also likes to take care of them so she has applied to be a volunteer in this amazing palace.

Every year she applies for cleaning the place and collecting the objects that doesn’t belong to the place, but are left by the visitors. Even if it is about that wonderful place, people sometimes are not tolerant and let themselves being arrogant enough to leave it in mess but that’s why there are also people like Diane, people that take care of the environment and actually enjoy keeping it clean because that means better living conditions.

Today is actually the day reserved for cleaning and Diane is all happy and enthusiastic because it is time to get rid of all unnecessary objects left in the palace and bring the place back as it should be. Let’s work together with Diane and see what her job is consisted of. This would definitely be a very nice and useful experience.

The Palace of Flowers is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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