The Old Ways Game

The Old Ways The Old Ways. Few years ago it was a real prestige to live a modern life, to live in an urban community, being near to all happenings in the big cities. However, with time many people have realized that urban living brings a lot of stress, a lot of rush and less time to be spend in nature with our loved ones.

That’s why many people have chosen to go back to nature, choosing to live far from the city noise, in places that are not that sophisticated but they give a chance to live a quiet life, or let’s say as they do – a healthier life. Traveling a lot to get to work or to be at some cultural happening is not a problem for them because this way they don’t have to travel every weekend just to get to a point where they could enjoy fresh air and spend some quality time with their families and friends because that point is their actual home.

In one small place located high in the mountains, lives a small community of people that still gives resistance to modern living. They strongly believe that modernization could only make harm to them so they have decided to live on the same way as their forefathers.

They are not scared because they are so far from the civilization but it is completely the opposite – they love being there in the mountains, taking all the advantages from it. Patrick is a member of this small community and he offers himself to be our guide through a one day tour through the community. This is a nice chance to take the challenge and check out if this tour could maybe change our minds and bring us back in the natural environment.

The Old Ways is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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