The Old Gramophone Game

The Old Gramophone The Old Gramophone. Seems like many people are sentimental about their old gramophones. In that time the gramophones were their only way to hear music or more precisely, to have their favorite music available in their home all the time, not just on concerts or in the clubs. This thing made people to relate more closely to the music and many of their memories are related to their favorite songs… Today may also be like that but since the music is so easily available, seems like it loses the sentimental value…

So, when Vanessa was cleaning her old house, she bumped into her collection of gramophone records. Those records are something that reminds her of the time when she was young, of that amazing period in her life that was many years ago, so she got the wish to hear her favorite songs from the youth once again. And it seems that it is usually like that when it comes about old gramophones, they are always broken! It was like that with this one too, so it made her little bit sad but she decided to take the things in her hands and fix the gramophone by her own. Vanessa has to find the right tools and pieces of her old gramophone, and make it functional again. Please help Vanessa find the pieces of the gramophone, looking for the hidden object in this game.

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