The Old Goods Game

The Old Goods The Old Goods. Oldies but Goodies – that’s how Kenneth appreciates his belongings and he is right because he is a person that really knows how to keep objects and take care of them. Kenneth has a lot of antiques and valuable objects that belonged to his family and he got them as a heritage. He loves those objects very much but after a while he realized that he needs some money and more space in his home so he decided to sell them. The best way for doing that is organizing ‘Garage sale’ and this would be his first garage sale.
Since Kenneth hasn’t done anything like this before; he would need little help from you. He has a nice picture how things should be but he doesn’t know how it would go in praxis.

First of all he likes to place the objects in right order so it would be easier for the costumers while they are shopping. On the other hand, our task is to find all objects that Kenneth needs for the sale. He has them but he is not sure where could he find all of them. As we said before, there are a lot of antiques and valuable objects so Kenneth hopes for good earnings.

The Old Goods is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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