The Old Bench Game

The Old Bench The Old Bench. After many years, Gerald comes back to his small romantic village, the place where he has spent three years from his youth, working as a teacher in the local school. It was a very nice experience for Gerald. The place was small but he learned a lot of things there as well, enjoying the village surrounding. But it wasn’t just the village. That time Gerald was in love with Melisa who was also a teacher and his colleague in the school. Because of the needs of the education in that time, Gerald was moved to another place; actually a bigger city and he started to teach there.

Because of this transfer, Gerald had to end up his relationship with Melisa and he hadn’t heard a word about her from them till now.

At the moment Gerald is in that small village, walking around and recalling his memories. He remembers the moments spent on those benches in the park where he used to go with Melisa. After a while he manages to find the bench that used to be there and those love birds sat always on that bench and that brings the memory back even stronger. Let’s take a walk together with Gerald and enjoy the wonderful romantic environment that he loves so much.

The Old Bench is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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