The Nightmare Square Game

The Nightmare Square The Nightmare Square. Dreams could be a strange thing, that’s for sure. Even though most of the dreams are related to something we have experienced during the day or something that we think about more often, there are also many dreams that are pretty hard to be explained. The nightmares are one of them, but also those dreams that seem like paranormal activities, that float somewhere between the dream and the reality, perhaps they are the ones that leave us mostly confused… Emily is in a very strange situation right now. The dream she has dreamed few nights in a row becomes a reality!

This dream was pretty strange by its own because it was really related to the reality. Emily was at the square where she works every day, selling some flowers, but in those dreams the square is ruined and empty. It seems like ghosts rule the square because the whole atmosphere is so paranormal.

And those sighs were definitely dreams but after few days dreaming the same dream, Emily realized that those dreams interfere with the reality. Her reality and her dreams became something similar. Since this isn’t something that we face often, Emily is really terrified by what is happening to her so she has to do everything she can, in order to escape from the situation and finally to divide the dreams from her reality.

The Nightmare Square is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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