The Nightland Game

The Nightland The Nightland. Well, you may guess that there is something wrong with the place where the sunrays never get to. Imagine living in a place where it’s always dark, always night – that doesn’t sound nice at all… Nightland is exactly that kind of a place. Eternal darkness rules the place so it is not strange that all people that lived there have abandoned it, without having second thoughts. However, it is quite strange that the only two families that lived there, one day suddenly left the place, leaving their homes just like that. Those people believed in better days, they thought that the sun will appear some day so they wanted to stay in the town and see what will happen but something has driven them away too.

Gerald is a very curious person that is really into mysteries and strange events. His temper leads him into strange situations, just like this situation and he always likes to know what is there under the surface of the obvious. This time his intuition tells him that Nightland hides some mysterious and paranormal energy which is actually the reason why the sun can’t shine. That’s why Gerald has visited the place, wanting to find out something more about it.

He doesn’t like to waste his time so he starts exploring right away, staring from the two families that have left their homes all of a sudden, leaving everything at the place. It is also time for us to check out how is it possible to live in a place where the sun never shines and eternal night rules all the time…

The Nightland is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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