The Night Intruder Game

The Night Intruder The Night Intruder. Perhaps we could not have so much information about the knights since there are no knights for such a long time, but definitely we all know something about them, at least from the movies. It is about an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other political leader for service to the Monarch or country, mainly in a military capacity. They weren’t extremely rich, being considered as a class of lower nobility, but they were very close with the lords and they definitely had much more than the regular people. On the other hand, people without any title struggled for their lives. The Middle Ages weren’t time of abundance and sometimes people were forced to do even inappropriate things to get their piece of bread, unfortunately…

Young Jacob didn’t have much, sometimes he didn’t have anything at all. He was a decent person but the poverty has forced him to begin doing some bad things. Jacob has decided that the only way to survive in his situation is to sneak into the castle of the knights and steal piece of their treasure. It is about very risky job and he has to be really careful because the knights are very strict and even cruel with intruders and thieves. He has to steal as much gold as possible in shortest time period and leave the place without being noticed. Could you please help poor Jacob get some money and leave the place staying unseen?

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