The Night Before our Holiday Game

The Night Before our Holiday The Night Before our Holiday. Preparing for the holiday is a wonderful thing! It’s not about all that rush to pack all wanted and necessary things but it’s more about the things that will happen on the holiday, the new places that will be seen, the fun and the relaxation that follow the holidays… Thinking of those things, people forget that packing could be little bit boring and intense, except if something unplanned happens… just like in the following game.

One married couple prepares for a summer holiday. They have been planning this trip for a longer period so they are really excited to leave the town and visit this place for the first time. They have been working a lot the previous period so taking a rest would be great, it will fill their batteries so they would be prepared for new taking challenges at work, but also generally, in life. And everything seemed fine until the night before their leaving. They are all packed but the wife simply can’t find her passport!

They are searching all through the house but there’s no trace of the passport. Both of them start to panic because there are only few hours left until their flight, and they have already reached the half of the house. Seems like those two would need some help to find the wife’s passport so are you willing to help them?

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