The Next Day Game

The Next Day The Next Day. A strong afternoon storm wreaked havoc on Allendale roads and took down a power line, reported that day Police Chief. The storm left a complete mess, a huge mess! Everything was flooded and that was the biggest storm in Allendale so far. The railroad was flooded, the underpasses, all stores were closed… The citizens of the place were closed in their basements the whole night, scared about their safety and their lives. That was the only thing that they could do since the weather disasters are bigger than us and we are helpless when it comes to happening of that kind.

Luckily the next day the storm was over. The underpass flooding went down within an hour after the storm and things started to go back to normal. However, since the storm was that big, it left a chaos after it so now it is time to clean up that mess and bring things in their order.

The next day all citizens of the small town Allendele were prepared for work but not their everyday jobs but to contribute to community and clean the town. No one is against because the town knows that it’s a place where those things happen often, there are a lot of storms, tornados, floods, hurricanes, snow, even earthquakes, so they could only achieve something in their favor, only if they work together. It would be really humane if we help Allendele citizens to clean their city from the chaos and the garbage brought by the storm and help them organize their work better.

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