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The New CountessThe New Countess. They say people don’t choose anything so unwisely as they choose their spouses. Maybe it seems funny and paradoxically, but it actually might be the truth. Because, except that we follow our hearts and a bit the mind, when one will ask you why are you marring some guy or some lady, than you put yourself in a situation when you don’t know exactly what to say, but you simply feel that it is right. Maybe that is why they say it is unwisely, because we don’t have a rational thing to say, we know that is the right person to be. Well, at the beginning it all seems perfect just like in the fairy tales and stories, but, when time goes by, you get to really know a person, a than, get the real image. Sometimes you can fall in love even deeper and tell yourself that you have really made the right choice, and sometimes, on the other hand, one get disappointed of the real picture that will appear. Well, that it life, very rarely what you expect, or if you are born with great kismet, than everything will seem very easy to reach.

And when marriage is the issue, no matter how much someone tells you that you are choosing the wrong guy or woman, you won’t be trusting them, because they don’t see the person with your eyes, and yours see with love and dedication. That’s the whole truth.

The New Countess. Theresa is the future countess. She is heading to the home of her future husband, the count Lambert, traveling in her coach and together with her escort. Along the way she stops at few places to rest a bit and on each of those spots she finds time to explore the environment. Theresa is escorted by her best friend and that is you, our respected player, with whom she discuses her decision to merry count Lambert.