The New Barn Game

The New Barn The New Barn. Welcome to the fourth episode of the serial known as Springfield Farm. This is a another sequence of the well known serial that captures your attention again, offering you a great game that includes another interesting story, another great game play and excellent graphics.

In the fourth sequence, our characters Billy and Mary decide to increase their farm, adding some new things there. They’ve made this decision after they gained a certain level of experience and they started to feel prepared for that step. On the other hand, in this period Billy and Mary had earn a good name so there are so many companies that sell healthy food, interested for their products.

First step that Billy and Mary will take is getting a new barn. That’s why many other farmers arrived at their current farm, offering help for those two. And never enough help when it is about a situation like this so your role in this interesting game will be to play as Billy and Mary’s main assistant. You will have to work during the whole time together with the other farmers, and answer to their different requests, listen to their instructions very carefully and cooperate a lot. This way you will learn a lot about working on a farm but also you will learn a lot about team work which is consisted of mutual respect and cooperation. On the other hand, a great and funny way to learn how things work on the farm. OK, now we would say enough talking and let’s start the game!

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