The Mysterious Creatures Game

The Mysterious Creatures The Mysterious Creatures. What about some mystery time for today? The weekend is over, the longest working week is in front of us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun and encourage our imagination. Fantasy is the thing that pulls us away from the boring days and common obligations, it gives us wings, isn’t it? It was an immediate decision that Cindy took this weekend. This lady decides that it would be perfect for her to spend some lovely time at her weekend cottage that is situated few kilometers away from the city she lives in.

The cottage is situated in the brake. She arrives at the spot in the late hours, but she is surprised and scared from the mysterious creatures that she found in the cottage and its’ environment. Cindy is scared to death, but she is decisive that she will stay here with these scary creatures. She is trying to find out what is their mission, why are they bothering with her house? Whom did she make a mistake that she needs to fight with these ugly creatures. You need to extremely brave girl to decide not to leave and stay in the place that is full of danger and surprises. You would help such a girl, would you?

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