The Music Thief Game

The Music Thief The Music Thief. Music is wonderful, it’s probably one of the most powerful things of the humankind and there should be music everywhere. It fulfills the spirit, makes us happy, sometimes opens up emotions we have never felt before, says numerous things without saying a single word. However, it’s no everything so romantic when it comes to music. There is actually a whole music industry and big money spin around that industry so sometimes there is some dirty work even in that field.

Passing by an old house near the city Luna park, a promising young composer could not believe his ears. He heard some familiar sounds and soon he realized that someone is playing one of his songs on piano. It would be a pleasure if that was some of his older songs that were already performed but it was actually about the latest song, a song that is not already finished and he hasn’t gave or shown this song to no one! This sounds very strange, did someone write the notes down, listening him while he was playing this song?! Or maybe it’s about daring thieves that came into his house and stole the notes for the song?! All of this sounds strange and a bit scary but he has decided to enter into that old house and see the person who has stolen the music scores of his last piece.

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