The Museum Thieves

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Game Details

The Museum ThievesThe Museum Thieves. Those thieves could never calm down! Just when we think that it is quiet and peaceful since we haven’t heard about some new robbery on TV, there is one new! The city museum has been robbed and the police are looking for the criminals that have done that. Actually it is about quite big robbery since many important objects belonging to many different cultures are missing like some objects from the Egyptian culture, the Roman Empire, old Greece, and many others.

The police came as quick as they could but unfortunately many this were missing at that time. The search started immediately, because the thieves still might be near and it is easier to find them in that case. After a certain period of searching, the police find the place where the thieves have hidden the precious loot. It is about one old abandoned factory where so many artifacts can be found! Amazing!

To help the police deal with those objects, work together with them by looking for the objects that are missing. In every level you get a list with the objects that are hidden and your job is to find all of those objects, in order to move into the next level and finish the complete game.

The Museum Thieves is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.