The Miracle Restaurant

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Game Details

The Miracle RestaurantThe Miracle Restaurant. Julia is an owner of one really beautiful restaurant. It is about one of the most beautiful and most visited restaurants in the country, and even if it is called ‘Miracle,’ its successes is not a miracle, having in mind that Julia runs it perfectly. She is a really great professional and a big worker so everything that she does is planned, she doesn’t let anything to a chance, but however, like in every other job, there are possibilities something unexpected to happen any time…

Today Julia is little bit in panic because one quite big group has called to reserve a place in her restaurant. She is always prepared for everything but today’s group is consisted of many people so that would ask for double organization and including more people that will prepare and serve the food. That’s why she has called a group of assistants that will help her finish her job perfectly as always but the thing is that they’ve made a little mess in everything…. Namely, those guys, without being aware, have displaced the ingredients of her most famous recipe and placed them on the tables, all around the restaurant. How she starts preparing her famous recipe but nothing is near so she simply can’t work without those things.

That’s why Julia will need your help, to aid her find all the ingredients and bring them back to the kitchen, to the place where they belong. That would be quite work to do, but you have to help her because this day would be a big failure if she doesn’t finish her job as always.