The Memory Keeper Game

The Memory Keeper The Memory Keeper. And here we are with our today’s game. You were probably waiting with excitement, to get to know what this game is about so let us explain you right away.

The action of this game takes place in an abandoned Luna Park. The character comes back to the place after many years. When he was a teenager, he spent a lot of time there, many nights and days, spending time with his friends and doing many interesting things that stayed in his memory until today. Today he is a grown man but he still remembers about everything that has happen there and he is very trilled when he hears that someone could buy this place and renovate it all over, destroying all the authentic places that wake up his memory. Our character is a real memory keeper, so he decides to buy the Luna Park and preserve it as it was before. If he owns it, he won’t allow anything to be changes, and that way he will keep his memories of that beautiful time preserved as well.

Again you will have to show your strong observational skills and look for some hidden objects in every level since finding all of them is a condition for moving forward – opening all levels and of course, finishing the whole game. As you finish a level, a new part of the park opens so you could actually move through our character’s memories and see the places that mean a lot to him. We are quite sure that your curiosity to know what this game includes on the whole, will lead you the end. Good luck!

The Memory Keeper is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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