The Magical Kingdom

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The Magical KingdomThe Magical Kingdom. Do you believe in magic? Maybe it is about an illusion that makes us believe in something that actually doesn’t exist or doesn’t happened, that’s how some people explain this phenomena, but is it like that in every case? What about those people that supposedly throw magic? It is about an illusion again? Who knows! We can’t say anything for sure, we could only tell you about the princess Pontinia and her unusual powers.

The Magical Kingdom. Pontinia is a young princess that lives in a small kingdom in the mystical country known as Etharion. This princess has a strange power that comes from the magical wand that she has – she could make people and things disappear and then appear again. This may sound as ridiculous talent, as something that has no purpose but it wasn’t like that for Pontinia. Few times in her life she was in a serious trouble. Since she is a princess, she can’t predict her enemies for sure so in few of those cases when she used her magic to be saved but at this moment she simply can’t find her wand.

It is not about a danger this time, but she needs her magic wand, to keep her safe. The magic wand is possibly lost somewhere in the castle so she needs to find it. We are also here to search through the levels and help princess Pontinia.