The Luxury Spa Game

The Luxury Spa The Luxury Spa. A day off is a gift and in today’s hard-working world, a thing to be savored. With the holidays looming ahead, a relaxing day at the spa has never looked so tempting. For some of us, that means a recuperating and revitalizing opportunity – a day without any goals beyond recharging batteries. If this is your preference, jump below to find out what it means to run a spa center and help Jennifer prepare the center for the tour that arrives today.

Jennifer is the manager of a luxury spa. We know that running a spa business is always a challenge and a key to running a successful spa lies in great massage therapists and estheticians. Today is an important day for Jennifer. Together with two of her employees she has to prepare a day spa for a group of people. Who need some relaxation from their stressful life.

The spa has to offer the group a number of services featuring several relaxation techniques and traditions. Want to figure out how a full day of pampering looks like? Let`s go and find all the hidden objects to make the perfect place ready to re-energize and look after your mind and body.

The Luxury Spa is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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