The Lost Toys

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The Lost ToysThe Lost Toys. Kindergarten, a place where kids spend some of their best moments. Ok, some of them remember this place for the food they didn’t like but they have to ate, like that potato stew, or green beans for someone but also it is a place where kids play together during the whole day. It is perhaps the best way for socialization of young kids since they spend together the whole day and they learn how to react when they are among other people, they learn some basics of etiquette and common living, while learning and playing around.

The main character of today’s game is one sweet nurse that works in a kindergarten. We have to admit that she adores children so she is really, really good at her work. She teaches them everything really carefully, helps them do the everyday things and everything does with so much positive energy that everyone is happy and satisfied from her, including the parents.

However, after the kids are gone, it is time to clean the mess that those small troublesome have left behind. As she says, that’s the moment when her work turns into a hidden object game since the toys are hidden all around and she needs to explore every corner so she could find them. You could also take part in this job and help our sweet nurse go home earlier.

The Lost Toys is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.