The Lost Script Game

The Lost Script The Lost Script. Perhaps actor’s work seems like something very glamorous and it is in some point since we see them all dressed up on the red carpet, we see them modeling for some magazines, reading about how they spend their time, how many cars they have or in which fancy restaurant do they dinner. Tabloids also talk about actors’ life styles as well, about their attractive partners, their relationships, their divorces… so we, leaded by those things sometimes forget that acting is something much more than this.

Making a movie is very hard thing actually. From one side is the director and everything looks so different from his perspective since he makes something out of nothing. The actors learn their parts and they are somewhat creating the characters they play. The main characteristics are given in the screenplay but the actors are the ones that make the characters alive, dedicating hours and hours on learning the screenplay but also on acting and creating at the same time.

In the following game you will see one actor’s apartment. He is a famous Hollywood actor and he is on set, filming his newest movie, but he realizes that he doesn’t have the screenplay with the dialogues. He sends his assistant to go to his apartment and look for the screenplay and bring it on the set because he can’t work without it.

The Lost Script is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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