The Lost Plane Game

The Lost Plane The Lost Plane. Being very rich could be a benefit in many cases since money could possibly provide you a better life, with great comfort and possibility to travel a lot, for example, but sometimes it could happen your money to be wanted by someone else too which is not fair at all and actually doesn’t have any sense but it is really happens. We are talking about robberies and things like that, when imprudent criminals try to take something that doesn’t belong to them…

Margaret is a daughter of one rich landowner, Patrick. Her grandfather is sick and he is at deathbed. In those terrible moments Margaret takes the private jet and she goes to visit her grandfather. She thought that she knew the pilot of the jet but something unexpected happen – this man has decided to kidnap her and look for 1 million dollars for her redemption. At this moment Margaret is locked in one abandoned place, in some ruin on a lone island.

The situation may look quite scary and dangerous but Margaret has to find a solution and escape from there. Help Margaret by finding some clues that will help her escape and make sure she leaves this place safely.

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