The Lost Fleet Game

The Lost Fleet The Lost Fleet. Sea, pirates, sailing, all of that sounds great, sounds exciting but let’s not forget that we are talking about really dangerous things. The life of the pirates is full of adventure but the sea is rather unpredictable, don’t you think?! Because they are professionals, they might know something about weather forecast but the weather changes surprise us all the time so clouds and wind is something that could appear all of a sudden in some cases. Not to mention the pirate gangs who operate on the seas. They are always looking for easy earnings and are prepared to take hostages in order to get that money… And numerous other similar situations…

That wasn’t a happy day for this brave girl, the brave pirate Rachel. Namely, the fleet of ships where her father and her fiancée were, somehow has disappeared. They didn’t come back home and no one knows what happened to the whole fleet of ships. Rachel was waiting them with a great hope because they are experienced sailors and great pirates but it seemed that whole fleet was lost.

Rachel decided that she should take things in her own hands. So now she is in a search of the lost fleet. She believes that she has finally found out the island where she could find the remains of the ships that were included in that fleet. New search starts right away because she is really willing to find out where are her fiancee and her father. Enjoy and have fun in playing The Lost Fleet Game.

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