The Lost Expedition

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Game Details

The Lost ExpeditionThe Lost Expedition. This group of young mountain climbers has been very ambitious, from the beginning when they started doing this hobby. They are all amateurs but their wish for discovering new things is so big, they are working on their condition as well, so very soon it is expected for them to become real professionals and who knows, maybe the next challenge will be the real turning point in their lives.

For their next challenge, this group has chosen the mountain Gina, located in New Mexico. It is about a very interesting destination that hasn’t been explored enough, yet, so they accepted the challenge with great excitement. But unfortunately, something unexpected happen. Our climbers have lost themselves deep in the woods. They are walking around but they can’t find the way out. Looking for a getaway from that place, they bump into an abandoned village.

Since they can’t see another option, they decide to stay there and spend the night in the village. Soon our expedition discovers that this village was a home of the gold diggers. They searched for gold all over this mountain and this place was their station, they slept there and kept their tools. Our climbers were so surprised when they realized that there is a lot of gold in this village too which makes this quest really worthwhile, in every sense. Now they are not so obsessed with finding way out because they’ve decided to stay for a while and see what else they could found in this small village.