The Lost Cyclist Game

The Lost Cyclist The Lost Cyclist. Cycling is one of the most interesting hobbies. You ask why? Well the answer is so obvious – you enjoy the nature and the fresh air, your body gets a better condition, you become healthier…what more can we add?! And if join climbing to cycling, that is even better! Ok, it is little bit harder because your readiness and endurance should be on a really high level but on the other hand, the benefits of these outdoor activities are enormous.

Sarah and Martin are two very experienced cyclists and climbers. They enjoy riding their bikes in some steep mountain scenery and they do that for many years. It was a hobby at first but their experience and willingness have turned them into real professionals and consequently they’ve become members of the rescue team. During their carrier as professionals but also before that when they have ride their bikes through the mountains, the face numerous situations when someone of the group gets into trouble. People often lose their balance and it happens for them to fall down, then someone gets lost in the mountain and that usually happens with those who have less experience.

This time there was one guy who was also engaged in cycling but he didn’t have so much experience so he lost himself in the mountain. When they got this information, Sarah and Martin gathered their rescue team at the same moment and they started looking around right away! They have to do everything they can before it is too late and before the night falls down.

The Lost Cyclist is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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