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The Long Walk


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The Long WalkThe Long Walk. Calm and peaceful people adore fishing. They are ready to spend hours and hours in one place next to some beautiful lake or river and wait for their hunt. For people that don’t like this sport, fishing seems to be one of the most boring sports and activities. But, we guess, you should love this and do it with passion. And we all know how much fishermen want to tell their friends and family how wonderful day they had by catching a big fish, even if that isn’t such a big fish. But, that is part of the sport. Isn’t it? There are people that just want to enjoy the quietness and not to talk to anyone, but be close to the nature and that’s all. Water, no matter of what kind it is, a river, lake, sea, is a very relaxing environment and you can only seat and watch in it and you will already feel better. It is clear why big artists and painters have almost always looked for the sea or some coast to get inspired.

But, water can be angry as well. They say don’t play with fire and water, and that is the whole truth. One must obey the natures’ rules, if you want to avoid big troubles. Our game for today will show a bit the difficult part of the fisherman life.

The Long Walk. The story begins in a small fisherman cabin next to the lake. One morning, our fisherman wakes up and notices that his fisherman boat have been taken away from strong forces. He is forced to walk long way while he arrives in the first place where he would look for help. This is an unpredictable journey for him, because he is not really ready for such a long road. Get ready for the new adventure!