The Long Road Game

The Long Road The Long Road. The whole town is evacuated because of an explosion and fire in the fabric for production of chemical products. Because of the explosion the fabric imitates harmful emissions and this evacuation was something that needed to be done. Just one family stays stuck in the city, they didn’t manage to find their way out so there is a group of rescuers send after them. This is very dangerous adventure for the rescuers too and in meanwhile the situation becomes even more dangerous. Because the burning factory starts spreading poison that is deadly in case you inhale it for longer period.

The rescuing expedition doesn’t have a lot of time, they have to get to the family as fast as they can and take them out of the dangerous zone. In those situations we all have to be prepared on anything and help on a way that we can. So let’s enter into this dangerous adventure together and help the Rescuers do their job best they can. Those people will be too grateful, that’s for sure, while we will do very grateful thing.

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