The Lonely Cabin Game

The Lonely Cabin The Lonely Cabin. This girl in our game is a type of person that always likes to explore something new. She likes to visit new places, meet new people, always to do a different job… She is completely ‘allergic’ to routine and that’s why she is always moving, always going somewhere and doing something. This is definitely a good thing since she is learning new things all the time, making her personality richer and stronger. She also likes to walk alone sometimes because that also gives her inner peace and she chooses quiet places, somewhere in the nature, when she likes to be alone.

This time our friend was walking in the woods like she usually does, looking at the wonderful details of this amazing natural environment. She was walking like that and she came upon a cottage located near the small mountain village. It was near to the village but not included in it so it was kind of lonely. The girl entered into the cabin and started exploring it. It seemed like abandoned place but actually there were many objects that probably belong to someone or belonged to someone sometimes.

She starts wondering whose cabin is this and why the door was left wide open when she found it? Where is the owner, maybe something has happened that urged him to leave and leave the door open as well?!

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