The Legend of Dormount

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The Legend of DormountThe Legend of Dormount. Yes, wishes could be fulfilled but in most cases we have to work on the case, investing our strength and energy, or we could simply be lucky enough and simply get what we want. However, the stories about objects that bring luck are always little bit suspicious because it is hard to believe that some place or some something could be responsible for our own luck, but it is quite sure that those stores exist, and also there are many people who believe in those stories, while some people are even witnesses of something like that.

Dormount is a small city located in the Bendra Mountain. Maybe you haven’t heard about this city but the people who have are usually relating it with its strange powers. When people are in big trouble, they are willing to believe in all kinds of superstitions and it seems that the superstitions really come true when it comes to Dormount. According to the stories, the people who live there claim that everyone that comes in this place for the first time and who gets to the last house of the city, would have his wishes fulfilled.

It may sound strange but they claim that this story is real and there are many witnesses who have experienced the positive effects. However, we can’t be for sure if we don’t visit the place and see what is actually happening there, then maybe our wishes will be fulfilled as well. Let’s take a tour through the city of Dormount and see what is happening there.