The Last Satyr Game

The Last Satyr The Last Satyr. Satyrs are considered the original party animals. These mythological creatures are known for their animalistic behavior. And their appearance as part man and part goat goes hand-in-hand with their personality. They were famous for being constantly drunk and for chasing nymphs. They were companions of Dionysus.

Our Satyr is the last of his kind. Habitat loss, hunting and poaching, toxics and other man made interventions may have at some point pushed Satyrs to the brink of extinction. Now he is faced a difficult task to save his life and his kind from extinction. He has to find all his necessary items in order to survive.

As his ancestors, he is extremely talented with musical instruments, and can produce such hypnotic tunes that other people and even animals are forced to join his revelry. Tamborines, brass drums are only few instruments that can be heard in his musical melee. Help this musical troublemaker find all the needed items to survive – two gold flutes, two gold horseshoes and two gold arrows. The search can begin!

The Last Satyr is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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