The Last Preirie

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The Last PreirieThe Last Preirie. Very often the big business interests confront with population of some place. People always want to safe their nature, their environment, the green fields, and businessmen on the other hand, want to profit out of good locations. And then, no laws, no regulations can defeat these big tycoons because where money are ruling, than, the justice stands somewhere aside, in another room. But, fight always has to be present. People that concern their environment, their health, and not only theirs but their families and close friends, will surely fight for their rights. Without fight, there would be no victory, isn’t it? Because the urban mafia, as they call it popularly, doesn’t choose the ways and the mechanisms that they want to the most – and that usually the best place which they want to get for the lowest price possible, if it is possible, for free.

The Last Preirie. With such topics we are giving you a new challenge for today. In the north parts of one country, there is clean environment called prairie. That is actually the last prairie in the country. In the heart of the place there is a small village which is the only ecological village in this region.

Last year there has been brought a deal with one energetic company for the building of a thermal power station. The habitants of this prairie have reacted very inclement for this decision, but the governors and administration didn’t even want to listen to their petitions. One association for protection of the human environment which is led by Brian Johnson is categorical, under any circumstances to stop the construction of the thermal power station and to protect this prairie.