The Last Crystal Skull Game

The Last Crystal Skull The Last Crystal Skull. The legend related to the crystal skulls has always been a mystery for the seekers of adventure and paranormal phenomena. You probably remember Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It is about a movies but it also talks about these strange objects assumed to posses great powers.

It is believed that there are 14 in total of these mysterious artifacts but as the legend says, there are 13 crystal skulls detected until now. The legend says that when those skulls are 14, they should be set opposite to each other in a circle and that’s how they will release energy that will supposedly discover the mystery about the origins of those skulls.

One really passionate adventurer finds out that the last crystal skulls is discovered many years ago but that it is hidden in private house. It is not for sure if the owner of this house knows or doesn’t know about the secret power of the crystal skull but he doesn’t think of selling it or giving it to someone. Our adventurer on other hand, is prepared to do everything in order to get to that skull so he has decided to break into the house and steal the precious object. This may be a reckless action but this man’s passion for adventure is leading him into troubles all the time so since he is already in trouble, don’t let someone catch him!

The Last Crystal Skull is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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