The last Cowboy Game

The last Cowboy The last Cowboy. OK, we are not talking about some endangered species, but it’s a fact that there are less and less real cowboys these days. It’s not that being a cowboy is boring or something but the thing is that the way of life has truly changed so it is somehow logical not to see people riding horses on the streets, going on duels outside the local bars, or fighting with the Indians. Prairies are today changed with asphalt roads, horses with cars, and duels with conversations, so perhaps the movies with John Wayne are the only testimony about that time, together with possibly the last cowboy that lives in one small town in the state of Texas. This man wants to keep his old cowboy style as before many years since he is quite and so he knows everything that was before.

We have decided to visit this man and he has agreed to take us on a walk on those places where there were many, many cowboys. This game actually follows this walk, and together we will walk through the prairies, going from one place to another, and seeing how those places look now, many years after the time of the brave cowboys. You will definitely feel the spirit of the Wild West while looking for some hidden objects in the scenes of this small town in Texas.

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